If we are collecting from you using DPD please read carefully the information below:-

Please ensure that all items are secured safely for transport by road to us and identified by means of a label or other marks.  DPD will affix their own tracking labels for additional identification.

Our `Shipper's Instruction' form is available from the link below,  which we would ask you to print and complete as far as you are able, with special attention to the Consignee address and telephone contact number to whom the goods are to be sent.  It is imperative that you note the information detailed on the reverse of the form with regard to potentially hazardous materials which MUST NOT be packed inside your shipment.  Failure to comply with this instruction is a very serious matter and, at the very least, will result in your whole shipment not being sent and may also result in the authorities taking legal action against you for breach of security procedures.  Please sign the two declarations on the front of the form, and once on the back of the form, and send it back to us, to our Crawley address,  as we must have this form in our possession in order to ship your goods.  

Once we have received the goods here we will check the weight and dimensions and call you to advise the total charges due.  We would ask, please, that payment be made at your earliest possible convenience in order to avoid possible delays.  Payment may be made by Debit Card  simply by telephoning your authority to this office, or direct into our bank account, details of which can be given to you upon request.

Thank you.

                                                  Shippers declaration - AIR